Dads Follies Order Page

To place an order simply email  us at    or call 336-449-0494. If calling please check our show schedule, we may be out of town.  For email please include the following information:

1.  Your name and address (for shipping totals).

2.  Your phone number if you would like us to call.

3.  A description of the mould your are interested in purchasing.


    We accept personal checks/money orders made payable to Dad's Follies ,Visa/MasterCard and PaPal.  If you choose a credit card you can email the number, expiration date and the 3 digits on the back of the card in the signature block on the right.  Please do so in two separate emails for your security or include your phone number and a convenient time to reach you and we will be happy to call. 

Now accepting PayPal



Our Return Policy:

 If you are unhappy with your purchase, please return it within 30 days.  We will happily refund the purchase price of the mold less actual shipping and insurance costs.



Thank you

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