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New Additions: Customer Requests  from Florida and Ohio for more unusual and rare chocolate molds .


Bride and Groom

     This wonderfully detailed pair are unusual as the darker patina matches well.  They are both marked and dated pieces.  Although the tinning on the outside of the mold has worn off the inside is bright and these molds are suitable for molding chocolate.

This pair of molds were made in Germany by Anton Reiche, #26869 & #26870.  They are marked with the manufacturers mark, mold number,  and dated 1930 (Groom) 1932 (Bride).

Circa: 1930's

Price:  $435.00 for the pair


  Groom's mark Bride's mark

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See Saw Bunnies

    The subject of this mold make it unusual, two bunnies on a see saw.  It is in good condition and suitable for molding chocolate.

    The mold was made in Germany by Laurosch #3087.  It is marked by the manufacturer, "Made in Germany", the mold number and it is matched #17 & #17. 

Circa:   1930

Price:  389.00






American Jolly Santa

This Jolly Santa was made in New York City by Eppelsheimer & Co., #8050.  The mold is marked with Eppelsheimers' Spinning Top, "Made in USA" and the mold number.  The mold is in beautiful condition inside and out, suitable for molding chocolate.  The like new condition of this 84 +year old mold and the marks make it rare.

Circa:  1930

Price:  $235.00



Bunny Driving Chariot

This Rabbit is driving an egg chariot pulled by a chick.  The mold was made in Germany by Laurosch #3055.  It is marked by the manufacturer, "Made in Germany", the mold number and it is matched #44 & #44. 

Circa:  1930

Price: $295.00






School Teacher Rabbit

This is an unusual/rare chocolate mold due to the Subject.  The mold was made in Germany by Walter.  The mold is not marked but it does appear in the Walter catalog.

Circa 1920's

Price:  $589.00



Jolly American Santa

This unusually sized Santa is holding his bag under his arm, not over his shoulder. 

This chocolate mold was made in New York by Eppelsheimer & Co. #8052.  It is well marked and dated Aug 1935.  It also is marked with the US Patent number referring to the design of the hinges, clips and inner frame. 

Circa:  1935

Price: $895.00






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Hobo Bunny

The Hobo Bunny is a wonderful example of Anton Reiches attention to detail from his boots, tail, baggy pants to this paw scratching his ear.  The subject is unusual.

This mold was made in Germany by Anton Reiche #10723.  It is marked with the manufacturers mark, dated 1925, the agents name and is matched.

Circa: 1925

Price: $235.00



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     How To Mold a Chocolate Turkey with a Antique Chocolate Display Mold


Martha Stewart and Pastry Chef Jacques Torres create a chocolate Thanksgiving turkey.

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How To Make a Chocolate Turkey with a Mold




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Antique Metal Chocolate Molds and Vintage Pewter Ice Cream Molds are a part of American and European history.  Each Antique Metal Molds shares a story.  Most of the Antique Chocolate Molds were manufactured in Europe before W.W. II as there were more European manufactures.  The majority of the Vintage Pewter Ice Cream Molds we carry were manufactured in New York. 


Antique Chocolate Molds are still used today by 'Specialty' Chocolate Shops such as Northern Chocolate in Milwaukee, WI and Mary's in Brussels, Belgium.   Some other uses for the antique metal molds include molding chalkware figures that are hand painted  as the pieces done by Vaillancourt Folk Art   to visit click on the link or click on the examples of hand painted chalkware  pictured below. 

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